Wood Siding


Our Wood Siding Installation has been used on exteriors of buildings for thousands of years. Today’s wood siding is an advanced product that many homeowners prefer because of its durability and timeless beauty that makes homeowners feel secure. When properly maintained, wood siding can last indefinitely.

Wood siding is available in many different species of wood and styles, including solid board planks, clapboard, hand-cut shakes, machine-cut shakes, and more. Cedar and redwood are the two types of wood most commonly used because they are decay-resistant. Wood cladding is available in vertical and horizontal styles to accommodate an architectural plan.

One of the biggest advantages is that wood siding is readily available and is easy to install. Individual pieces or planks may be easily replaced should they become damaged or begin to rot. It is the ultimate green building material as it is natural and renewable. Even when it decays, it becomes a compost-like substance, making it would one of the most ecologically sound siding materials.

Damage from insects and water two of the main drawbacks of wood siding; however, when wood is properly treated, those problems can be minimized. Choosing types of hardwood that are resistant to weather and insects can also help. Redwood and cedar varieties offer barriers to most insects as they find the natural chemicals in them distasteful.

Installing wood siding on older and historic homes is often necessary because of preservation codes or because the value of the building could decrease when another type of siding is installed.

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