Vinyl Siding

Is your home in need of Vinyl Siding Installation but you’re not sure what to buy? Vinyl siding has made its appearance in the home building and remodeling industry in recent years and is continuing to grow in popularity. Learn everything you need to know about vinyl siding and its many benefits.


Although we typically think of plastic when we hear the word vinyl is much more than simply plastic. It is a specially engineered product made from polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC). Because of its durability and versatility, vinyl siding is used for weatherproofing new and remodeled homes and in many decorative projects.


As a homeowner, you’ll find there are many benefits to using this material:

  • Cost – Costs are substantially less than traditional wood or steel siding. Cost is the #1 reason why more homeowners choose it.
  • Reduction in heating/cooling costs –its insulation properties offer thermal bridging, which means it prevents heat loss in the winter and cooling loss in the summer. This will help keep heating and cooling costs as low as possible.
  • Almost maintenance free – While nothing is completely maintenance free, this type of siding requires nothing more than a simple washing every year to keep it looking fresh and new.
  • Versatility – It comes in many style options. Not only is vinyl siding offered in hundreds of colors, but it is also offered in styles that look like wood or cedar. It can also be hung both vertically or horizontally, offering even more decorative options. Vinyl siding can also be painted.
  • Durability – Vinyl siding is extremely durable and can withstand the many elements of weather, and is also moisture and rot-resistant. In most cases, vinyl siding is offered with a lifetime warranty.

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