Specialty Windows

When you are looking for that perfect window for a unique place in your home, consider our Vienna VA Specialty Window Installation. If none of the standard offerings seem quite right, it may be time to look for a specialty window. From personalized combinations of existing styles to completely custom-built windows, the options for specialty windows are almost limitless.

Some specialty windows are geometric shapes that can be used alone or to complement another window. You can choose almost any shape from a circle to an arch to a triangle. These shapes add instant interest to traditional rectangular windows, and they can be made to match the style and color of the windows that are already installed in your home.

Specialty windows can also be modern takes on traditional ideas. For example, doors in rooms that are very large or that have very high ceilings can look too small. Stylish transoms above the doors can add balance and restore proportion. French casement windows are another example. Unlike the familiar casement that has a single sash that is hinged on one side, French casements have two sashes that open in the middle and swing away from each other.

One of the most striking specialty windows is the corner window. This style wraps around a corner to give a wide, unbroken view. It is particularly impressive when it forms part of an entire glass wall. Custom windows that follow a staircase, skylights that bring natural light into a bedroom or bath, and a tall, narrow window for that quirky nook are all available as specialty products.

Although many specialty windows are special orders that require a wait, they are worth the time. Having just the right shape in just the right size, color, and finish adds a custom touch to your home and makes it truly a reflection of your style.

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