Awning Windows

Our Vienna VA Slider Window Installation is becoming a very popular choice for contemporary home owners. They offer a clear view and easy operation, and their simple mechanics make them more economical than some other styles.

Slider windows typically have two sections or sashes that slide past each other from side to side like the window at a drive-thru business. They are traditionally oriented horizontally, but tall, narrower versions are becoming more common. Either one or both sashes may slide, depending on the style. Each sash usually has a single pane, so your view is not broken up by framing. However, if you prefer the look of a grid, that option is available.

Ease of operation is one of the greatest advantages of a slider window. Because they do not work against gravity, they require very little effort to open. Rollers in the bottom frame allow the sash to slip easily along the track. Slider windows are a great choice for bedrooms, especially children’s bedrooms where you want the opportunity for a quick, easy exit in case of fire or other emergency. They are also an ideal choice if you are building or retrofitting a home for an elderly occupant.

Slider windows are particularly appropriate for smaller rooms where you only need moderate ventilation, as they have a smaller effective opening than other styles. They also work nicely in combination with other types. For example, a picture window with a vertical slider on each side lets you enjoy light, ventilation, and a sweeping view.

Because slider windows have very few mechanical parts, they are one of the most maintenance-free window types. This feature also means that they need less framing, so they can give your home a cleaner, more streamlined look. This contemporary style and ease of use makes slider windows an attractive option for new or replacement windows.

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