Proprietary Wood Trim Wrapping Process Eliminates Your Vienna VA Exterior Wood Rot Problems and Maintenance for Homeowners

Fred’s Best Windows, Doors and Siding explains why Vienna VA Exterior Wood Rot such a problem for homeowners and shows how Fred’s proprietary LifeTime Trim Process solves that problem permanently.

In their quest to create a completely maintenance-free exterior, many homeowners overlook one of the most important – and certainly one of the most troublesome features outside their home – Exposed Wood Trim.

Without a doubt, new energy-efficient windows, doors and siding all mean a big decrease in the amount of painting and repair you’ll have to do after you replace them. But, if you don’t get your wood trim capped, and capped correctly, you’re likely to be back up on that ladder every couple of years – or paying someone else to get up there and repair the rotted wood and paint over it as it succumbs to the elements. That’s why the good folks at Fred’s Best Windows, Doors and Siding created their proprietary LifeTime Trim Process. To allow you to forget about exterior maintenance for a lifetime, while still maintaining the architectural integrity of your home’s design.

Unlike other home improvement companies, the craftsmen at Fred’s Best go to extreme lengths to ensure that your covered trim matches the original appearance as close as humanly possible. When they’re finished your home will still have the attractive look of wood trim, but with none of the headaches. And, as part of the LifeTime Trim application process, they use no caulking whatsoever. Instead they use an industrial-grade adhesive that guarantees your home’s wood surfaces will never again be exposed to the elements. So there you have it: Fred’s Best LifeTime Trim Process. Beautifying and protecting your home for a lifetime.