Hopper Windows

Our Vienna VA Hopper window are familiar to many people as the small windows in basements. Modern builders and homeowners are discovering all the advantages these windows offer and are bringing them into the above-ground living spaces.

A hopper window is hinged at the bottom and opens into the room from the top. It is often a single pane, but larger versions can have additional framing. This type of window typically operates with a single handle that functions to lock, unlock, and open the window.

Vienna VA Hopper Window are great for small spaces since they do not need room to slide up or down. Because they open fully, they allow the most effective ventilation for the size. They also let in more light than a comparably sized sliding window because they have less framing to block the light.

If you live in a home that has a screen or security grid outside the window, hopper windows are an ideal choice. You can open them fully and even clean both surfaces from indoors. They are energy efficient too, especially since they close against a snug seal.

Because they let in light and provide excellent ventilation, hopper windows are perfect for the bathroom. They can also be installed over another window, above a door or along the top of a wall to let light into small spaces like walk-in closets. Of course, hopper windows are also still the ideal choice for a basement.

The increasing popularity of hopper windows means that there is a wide variety of styles available to the homeowner. Whatever the style, they all share the advantages of being energy-efficient and easy to clean and generous with light and air.

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