French Doors

Contact Freds Best Replacement Doors for the best Vienna VA French Door Installation by our team of service professionals. The phrase ‘French doors’ describes doors that are composed of clear glass panes for most of their length. The glass may be one large piece or many smaller panes set in frames. Usually installed in pairs, they are hinged at the sides and open in the center. French doors may be used on an exterior wall or inside the home between two rooms or as closet doors. With origins in the art and architecture of Renaissance France, French doors remain popular to this day.

The advantage of using Vienna VA French Door Installation can be summed up in one word: light. The door is composed primarily of glass, with a narrow wooden or, less commonly, metal frame. Much more sunlight comes into the house than a window would admit. Inside the house, French doors allow light into rooms that do not have exterior windows.

Because of their lightweight construction, French doors are not as secure as a door composed mainly of wood or metal. Consequently, they are often used in places where they are not visible from outside the front of the house, as an entrance into a backyard or garden, for example.

Sometimes referred to as French windows, French doors are aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional; acting as both door and window. Available in a nearly unlimited variety of architectural styles and colors, French doors will add a touch of elegance and luxury to any home.

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