Fibre Cement Siding


Our Fibre Cement Siding, also called fibre cement cladding, is a composite material used to cover the exterior of both commercial and residential buildings. The mixture is made of sand and cement mixed with cellulose fibres, which is baked in an auto clave and imprinted with designs to mimic the look of natural wood. The result is thin, hardened shingles or planks of various sizes and widths.

Although the technology for fibre cement siding is not new, it has only become popular within the last decade as an alternative to vinyl siding or to replace solid wood siding. Pigments, fillers, and surface coatings are often added to this product to make it look like a specific type of wood.

The cost of fibre cement siding falls in between traditional vinyl siding and wood siding. Homeowners often replace old wood siding that is torn, has gouges and cracks, and weather-beaten with fibre cement as it is less expensive than traditional wood siding. It is also virtually maintenance-free and produces a classic look that vinyl is unable to match.

Cost is approximately 20 percent more than for vinyl siding. When assessing whether fibre cement is appropriate for your needs, homeowners should determine whether they will live in their residence for at least 10 years to offset the additional cost.

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