Composite Shingle Roofing


A good roof is essential to any household so understanding your composite shingle roof is important. It keeps the weather elements away while still maintaining the structural component of the house and protection to the entire structure. A good roofing system will, therefore, provide sturdiness and longevity while also being cost effective. Composite shingle roofs provide this reliability while also offering other advantages to support their use.

The outer layer of a composite shingle is made from an asphalt composition while fiberglass matting makes up the underside of the shingle. The combined properties of both fiberglass and asphalt, including lightness and durability respectively make composite shingles the most suitable roofing choice for homeowners. Composite roofing shingles are,therefore, the new favorite with new construction sites and remodeling of existing homes. If you are yet to consider composite roofing materials for your next roofing project, here are reasons why you should.


Roof replacement is always an expensive undertaking that most homeowners would rather not undertake frequently. Therefore, it is paramount that the roofing material you choose for your next project is renowned for its durability. Composite roofing materials are made to be stronger and last longer than their all-natural substitutes. They are engineered to outlive cedar and slate ensuring you have value for your money. On average, composite roofing has been known to last 25 years or more without needing to be replaced.


The fire resistance ratings vary based on the manufacturer with the highest grade being a Class A fire rating. The rating is achievable with a synthetic shake roof and the resulting shingle is excellent for roofing projects meant for buildings associated with historic preservation. Although not all composite shingles attain the Class A rating, their synthetic properties still contribute to their fire resistivity.


Most roofing materials suffer from fading as they age. This is due to continued exposure to the sun which causes roofing that was once pristine to look old and unkempt. Natural roofing materials, even when treated, are not completely immune to the elements. Eventually, the sun’s harmful rays take their toll and the roof settles into its new faded look. Composite shingles, however, can be engineered to be resistant to the sun and its harmful effects. The result is a beautiful, fade-free finish that lasts decades.


There are many options to choose from with a composite shingle roof as far as colors and designs are concerned. You, therefore, have more options to choose from to find the design and color that is aesthetically appealing and complementing your entire home.

They are more affordable

Slate and other natural materials have been used as roofing for centuries now. However, they all come at fairly higher prices compared to composite shingles. Natural roofing is also more prone to breaking, chipping, cracking and incurring other damage costs while on the road. On the contrary, composite shingles are made from lightweight material with some of the raw materials being recycled matter. Synthetic roofing is, thus, more affordable compared to natural roofing.


The roof requires little in maintenance costs once the composite shingle roof is set up correctly with all the shingles well sealed. They withstand storms much better without suffering extensive damage. Although one or two shingles might come off during a heavy storm, especially while the roof is still new, these are easily replaced and do not affect the entire roof structure.


Composite shingle roofing is eco-friendly as most synthetic roofs will be recycled when their useful life is over to make new roofing materials. They are, therefore, seen as more sustainable as they help reduce waste. As the world is continually going green, composite shingles are progressively being preferred as they are a ‘green’ alternative.

Based on these advantages it is high time you considered it when looking to put up a new roof. As a reputable roofing company, we are best suited to advise and handle all your roofing needs. We have the requisite experience and will avail to you the latest trends in roofing technology as well as basement remodeling.

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