Cedar Shake Siding



Our Cedar Shake Siding is made out of the heartwood of the cedar tree, which is the tree’s strongest wood. Shakes are different from shingles in that they are hand sawn and have been split as opposed to cut from the wood. They give your home an old-fashioned appeal and are good to install on rural homes. However, the fact that they’re hand made makes them pricey. The cost of cedar shakes on an average sized home can cost from about $5,000 to nearly $7,000. Our professionals are experts at installing cedar shakes, which are among the easiest types of siding to install.




Shakes are installed so they overlap, which allows the rain to sluice over them. They are slender pieces of wood, slimmer at one end that the other. They are usually 18 to 24 inches long and 1/2 to 3/4 inches at their widest end. Cedar shakes are known for their longevity and resistance to weather, but they’re not indestructible. Cedar shakes are best protected with either a stain or paint. If left untreated, they will start to soften after about five years and be susceptible to rot. We believe that stain is better than paint, but if the shakes are painted, our professionals use an oil-based wood paint made for exteriors as the base and finish with a latex exterior paint.




Maintaining cedar shakes is easy after that. You should check to make sure that the shakes are sound and secure, and replace them or nail them down if they aren’t. Shakes can be washed with a garden hose. Avoid using a power washer because it may damage the wood. Keep your shrubs and trees at least two feet away from your siding, and your gutters should be kept clear of debris.


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