Awning Windows

Vienna VA Awning windows have a stylish look and offer unique advantages over other types of windows. Whether you are replacing older windows or planning new construction, awning windows can add freshness and interest.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing open to the outside from the bottom. This structure gives them one of their biggest advantages: They let in air while keeping out rain and debris. Awning windows are a great choice if you live in an area that is prone to pop-up showers. For the same reason, this style of window is perfect for the attic. You can open a window for ventilation and not have to worry about rain or leaves drifting in.

If you have a large picture window in your home that does not open, an awning window can be installed below it to give ventilation. Awning windows can also be paired with non-opening windows that are used for architectural interest, such as hexagonal windows. They complement the shape of the window while letting in fresh air.

Awning windows are also a secure choice. Because they open out, they cannot be raised by someone outside. They also pull in firmly against a tight seal, which makes them difficult to push in from the outside even if they are unlocked.

Most awning windows operate with a crank at the bottom edge that opens and closes the window. This makes them ideal for windows that are high on the wall or that can only be accessed by reaching over a mantel or table. As long as you can reach the bottom of the window, you can operate it.

Awning windows are energy-efficient and give your home a light, airy atmosphere. They are also easy to operate and keep out the rain, making them an attractive, functional choice.

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